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Nano Development Group (NDG) is a collection of organisations who have unique skills and NDG specialty surface coating products that are relevant to the new world of robust specialty surface coatings.

We are Singapore based but our team originate from all corners of the globe and collectively we develop innovative surface coating solutions based upon the current and future world needs and making them last from a specific task all the way through to lasting a lifetime.

Our areas of expertise are in NDG Industrial, Marine, Automotive & Motorsport specialty surface coating applications.

With our heritage being based in Motorsport and Automotive manufacturing we were naturally compelled to develop outstanding specialty Nanoscale surface coatings.


Under our brand NDG we are leaders in creating DIY type Nanoscale Automotive and Motorsport products which we developed over several years and carried out testing in many places of the world. Visit ndgproducts.com


Our Automotive products find themselves equally at home in the motorsport world as they do in the daily commuter cars and bikes.

We are always open to discussions on possible sponsorship opportunities, after all that is what keeps Motorsport alive. Visit ndgproducts.com


Corporate governance, your privacy and, the way we handle sensitive information are of paramount importance to our organisation as so please take the time to read our Privacy Policy, our Code of Conduct on how we collect and use information.

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